RATIONALE shares new single “Prodigal Son”

RATIONALE shares new track "Prodigal Son"

Zimbabwe-born, London-based musician RATIONALE has dropped a brand-new track, “Prodigal Son.” The track is a taste of his debut album, due next year. RATIONALE’s emotive phrasing is matched by lyrics which examine his relationship with his late father. Speaking directly about the song, RATIONALE said:

“Prodigal son is an autobiographical song that came around accidentally. It explores my relationship with my biological father at first but if I’m really honest, it also explores the relationship that a lot of my friends have with their absent fathers.”

RATIONALE’s tracks to date have hopped between genres, but have consistently exuded soul and heartfelt emotions. His lyrics reflect real-life stories that are dramatically amplified, and his productions blend classic arrangements with cutting edge sonics.

RATIONALE was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, to a mother with a diverse record collection which included everything from Fela Kuti to Meat Loaf. Later settling in London, RATIONALE subsequently discovered late ’90s rock and indie, and soaked up the eclectic influences that are now found in his music. His most striking strength is his soaring baritone vocal that simultaneously evokes Drake and Morrissey, but it’s a voice that’s instantly recognizable as his own.