Random Recipe Debuts Video For “Hey Boy”

Montrealers Random Recipe & renowned street artist MissMe have released a video for "Hey Boy" featuring Sunny Moonshine
"Hey Boy" featuring Sunny Moonshine

Montrealers Random Recipe & renowned street artist MissMe have released a video for “Hey Boy” (feat. Sunny Moonshine). The clip was directed by Montreal ‘Artful Vandal’ MissMe, an activist, feminist, and one of the most recognized outlaw artists in North America.

From MIssMe:

The beauty of women coming together and the deep trust they all had in each other and me, was once again, the proof that the legends of women being each other’s natural enemies, was FALSE. It’s hard to explain the unique uplifting that comes from experiencing the true love of the sisterhood. So many different womxn coming together for a common goal of creation, felt like a giant fuck you to the propaganda of womxn’s supposed natural competition. It felt like us, showing the world we love each other, and will always stand for each other, no matter how different we may seem. There’s a true connexion and love in the sisterhood. And that power may have been the treat that pushed to try to divide us in the first place.

From Random Recipe:

We met MissMe in Bologna, Italy, at the Fa / Arte Feminist Art Centre. We knew of her work but had never met her in person. In fact, we didn’t even know she was from Montreal! We all immediately expressed the wish to work together the moment we met. It was really magical to be able to kick off 2020 by shooting this video in the middle of January with her and this community of inspiring womxn. The power of this work of art lies in that very community gathered to express / put into images what is universal about feminine experience – as complex, diverse, fluid and multiple as it might be. The song addresses patriarchy through a sort of inversion : it imagines a utopian world in which men would no longer be in power. It’s a song we wrote in 2017 that came out in 2018. What is fascinating is that our own relationship to feminism – to the feminist standpoint -is constantly evolving year after year.

Random Recipe

01. Fight the Feeling
02. MMXIII (feat. Giselle Numba One, Heartstreets & Tali Taliwah)
03. Hearts in Pain (feat. Ladybug Mecca)
04. Strawberry Daiquiri
05. Hey Boy (feat. Sunny Moonshine)
06. This Mess
07. ANXT
08. Out of the Sky

Video credits
Director: MissMe
Producer: Sofia Acityinbulgaria for Sixteen Pads
DOP: Patrick Antoniewicz
Assistant camera : Alexis Landriault
Gaffer/Grip: Gabrielle Bergeron Leduc
Stylist: Rosalie Lemay pour Pretend Play
Make up: Stephanie Barrette
Hair: Jessica Hoff
Production assistants: Evgeniya Chuprova, Eva Rostain, Alizée Pichot
Montage / Colo: Sixteen Pads
Artistic Director: MissMe

Alexandra “Spicey” Landé
Éloise Caza
Frederique “Pax” Dumas
Lakesshia “Kiki” Pierre

Alessia Nina Yanow
Alizée Pichot
Ariane Michaud
Béatrice Mailhiot
Claudia Barila
Gab Godon
Gabrielle Roy
Giselle Numba One
Gloria Di Fruscia
Ina Kai
Ines Talbi
Lori’anne Bemba
Michelle Rossy
Miranda Chan
Mylène Guay
Naja Irena Rosing
Natacha Filiatrault
Queen Ka
Renée-Laurence Pierre Pétion
Tali Taliwah
Téa Long
Tina Scardochio
Zachari’anne Bemba
Zeneb Blanchet


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