“Rainbow Road” By Saint Sinner

Saint Sinner, recently dropped her second single “Rainbow Road.” “I’m putting music out for the future. That’s what this is about. Everything we do has a butterfly effect and mine is imprinting in a special way,” notes Saint Sinner’s Hannah Cottrell. “Rainbow Road” is the first look into the instrumental odyssey of Saint Sinner. The songwriter, composer, producer and performer wrote, modified, performed or coded every piece of this music together and is why, a few years into her musical career, she really began to see herself as a composer.

“This is one of those songs I made in a black-hole type of experience where I lost all sense of time, my location never crosses my mind, and I only think about the song, where it’s going, where it takes us and how it ends,” notes Cottrell. “How the sound is perceived by the ears and the brain, and how it influences our emotion and nostalgia.” Of the sample she uses in the song, she adds “The lyrics profess ‘in the darkness I feel lighter,’ which is another brilliant way to talk about the basic moral concept of Saint Sinner: the balance.”

“I produced this during a session from a solo night at Panoram Studios in Mexico City, where I live, and the video was created from tranquility the morning after we shot the ‘Couch Business’ video.” The “Rainbow Road” video is directed by Mauricio Castillo and, in the video, Saint Sinner is wearing a striking outfit by local Mexican designer and friend Edgar Aguilera.