Radio Trapani Releases T.V.B. kind of love

T.V.B. kind of love is the new concept album by Radio Trapani, now available via streaming platforms via Spazio Dischi
T.V.B. kind of love is the new concept album by Radio Trapani, now available via streaming platforms via Spazio Dischi

T.V.B. kind of love is the new concept album by Radio Trapani, available from September 16th, on all the main streaming platforms via Spazio Dischi.The full-length was entirely written and produced by Radio Trapani, T.V.B. kind of love is a concept album inspired by the end of a sentimental relationship: the songs that compose it are related to a particular state of mind following the breakup, obvious melancholy and fear, but also euphoria, freedom, disorientation. T.V.B. kind of love a genreless work, that ranges between more uptempo songs and acoustic and abstract songs.

From Radio Trapani:

“All the songs of T.V.B. kind of love are about a breakup and are dedicated and inspired by my ex partner, who encouraged me to get closer to production and pop music. The production is electronic but not always evident, psychedelic elements and harmonic textures are superimposed on tight rhythms. The voice is never screamed. The lyrics alternate open-hearted dedications (Go, The Loss and the Gain, Growing Strong) to more introspective or depressive reflections (Knife Emoji, Sweet Scent). Besides helping to process uncomfortable moods, the contents aim to connect with those who might have shared them and express as much as possible a sensitive and emotionally available masculinity.”

Born in Domodossola in 1987, Dario Trapani, aka Radio Trapani, grew up surrounded by records from a very young age. At the age of 17 he began playing with several garage rock bands from Domodossola (Thee Piatcions, Electric 69) and producing his own music with Logic Pro, fascinated by jazz and improvisation. Two years later he began studying music professionally, learning the rudiments of harmony and jazz and to analyze as much music as possible.

He graduated in jazz and electronic music at the conservatory, moving between Milan and Amsterdam, where he has lived permanently since 2014. Radio Trapani is the project with which, after years of improvised music, Dario dedicates himself to the song form, writing – for the first time – the lyrics and singing them in English. In addition to jazz, the music of the project brings together all the influences and styles that brought him closer to music.

Radio Trapani
T.V.B. kind of love

01. Jealousy
02. Salix Babylonica
03. The Afternoon
04. Go
05. Wet My Eyes
06. Knife Emoji
07. The Loss and the Gain
08. Sweet Scent
09. Growing Strong
10. giveup getup
11. radiotrapanibandatgmaildotcom
12. T.V.B. kind of love

Radio Trapani 2022 live dates:

30.09 – Amarte Studio Concerts, Amsterdam
08.10 – Amsterdam Cinetol (full band)
23.11 – Bar Mirwaar, Gent
25.11 – Un Peu, Brussels
02.12 – Werkplek, Amsterdam

Purchase T.V.B Kind of Love by Radio Trapani HERE


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