Quintron & Miss Pussycat Announce Tour

Quintron & Miss Pussycat Announce Tour, the two have also revealed Q's Weather Warlock and Miss P'S new puppet soundtrack

Quintron and Miss Pussycat are excited to head out on the road and bring their incredible live show to a city near you. Alongside this, they both have two new projects; Q’s Weather Warlock and Miss P’S new puppet soundtrack album Anthropomorphizer.

They’ve have been making genre-defying noise and hard rocking dance music in New Orleans for over fifteen years. The majority of their 14 full-length albums have the psychedelic soul of traditional New Orleans party music filtered through a tough distorted Hammond B-3 and a cache of self-made electronic instruments
The Quintron / Miss Pussycat experience is one of barely controlled electronic chaos, “Swamp-Tech” dance beats, small explosions, incredible clothes, and entertaining puppet stories. You can see them perform regularly at the SPELLCASTER LODGE New Orleans, Louisiana or on one of their many tours around the world. This act somehow has equal relevance in sleazy nightclubs, pizza restaurants, and university lecture halls.”

Weather Warlock is the new project from New Orleans organist / instrument builder Quintron. This band is based entirely around his latest monster analog weather synthesizer (also called “Weather Warlock”). Side A starts in the mire of an electronic sunset with Quintron at the helm of the Weather Warlock synth, twiddling knobs and responding to the day’s waning UV rays. Slowly, the Gulf Coast acid rock emerges courtesy of Aaron Hill (Eyehategod, King Louie’s Missing Monuments) on Drums, Gary Wrong (Wizzard Sleeve, Vatican Dagger, etc) on supreme noise guitar, and Quintron on second guitar. Two of New Orleans more prolific free jazz reed players – Paul Grass (tenor sax) and Travis Blotskey (Baritone sax) – help to glue this mass of southern scum rock to the lineage of serious free music shamans such as Sun Ra and Peter Brotzman.

Side B presents the Weather Warlock instrument alone in the drone zone – doing its solo thing during a very active and stormy New Orleans sunset with Quintron occasionally tweaking the controls in harmony. The resulting music is basically a greatest hits of what mother nature and Weather Warlock are capable of by themselves.

It should be noted that although the core members of this band are fairly regular – Q and Gary Wrong on guitar / Aaron Hill on drums – the live show lineup is anything but constant. The touring version of Weather Warlock always includes improvisers and musical luminaries from whatever city the band happens to be in. A recent NYC lineup included Steve Shelley, Nels Cline, Sean Ono Lennon, Paula Henderson (Sun Ra Arkestra), and Luke Smith (Sun Ra Arkestra). The Miami lineup included noise guitar legend Rat Bastard, two DJs, and a Cuban percussionist.

Miss Pussycat has joined forces with Terror Vision Records to release a new puppet show album ANTHROPOMORPHIZER, a selection of live puppet show sound tracks. The LP release is nestled in a tippon gatefold cover with limited copies pressed to translucent purple and pink blob vinyl . She is also working with Terror Vision to release three of her puppet movies on VHS, the first of which is THE MYSTERY IN OLD BATHBATH (starring Trixie and the Treetrunks).

To kick off the next round of tours, Miss Pussycat has a new live puppet show, ‘The Happy Castle of Goblinburg’, complete with a Bear Witch, complex housing issues with blonde eyebrows, and a new inflatable puppet theater that talks.

US Tour Dates

Thu 11-19 Shreveport, LA – Bears on Fairfield
Fri 11-20 Fort Worth, TX – Fred’s Texas Cafe
Sat 11-21 Houston, TX – Houston Whatever Fest
Sat 11-28 Oxford, MS – Proud Larry’s
Sun 11-29 Birmingham, AL – Saturn
Mon 11-30 Athens, GA – Caledonia Lounge
Tue 12-1 Charlotte, NC – Snug Harbor
Wed 12-2 Savannah, GA – Dollhouse Studios & Productions
Thu 12-3 St. Augustine, FL – Nobby’s Tavern
Fri 12-4 Miami, FL – Gramps Bar
Thu 12-10 Tampa, FL – New World Brewery
Fri 12-11 Orlando, FL – Will’s Pub
Sat 12-12 Gainesville, FL – Elestial Sound Headquarters
Sat 12-19 New Orleans, LA – Gasa Gasa


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