Purling Hiss announce new album ‘High Bias’

Purling Hiss announce new album 'High Bias'

Purling Hiss are back their new album High Bias, out October 14th via Drag City Records.The first single, “Fever”, kicks off High Bias with a brave and bold blast of disparate rock ‘n’ roll that lays it on the line to keep the rebellion alive in the streets of our mind! This is rock we will need in our ears as we venture into the darkness, and the next unexplored stretch of the wasteland.

Since 2009, the fuzzing rock power of Purling Hiss has taken many different forms, all emanating from Mike Polizze’s approach to playing guitar, writing songs and hooking a feeling from disparate memories, sensations and desired effects. High Bias moves with raging, dazed humor and soulfulness against the darkening times in which we find ourselves. With no way out, Purling Hiss hit today’s bullshit head-on, employing pounding psych-rock and punk effects, slipping signature Hissian backup “oo-oo-ooh”s and Polizze’s blistering guitar pile-ups in a full-bodied, head-ripping brew. Mike puts together a Purling Hiss album as a whole thing, with songs striking defiant and wistful tones in turn, mixing in odes to impermanence, spite-filled rebellion and bemused recollections along the way.

High Bias kicks off at 11, blowing with first take energy into a mood of ominous portent. Right away, the power of the band all together is sick – the guys that came on for Weirdon have grown into a full-fledged Purling Hiss, with Ben and Dan feeding off each other, providing fresh rhythm ground for the songs to romp over. This creates seamless motion between disparate styles, from streamlined futurist radio-wave to blatzing punk, sweet indie-pop song craft and barely-contained group riffage. Purling Hiss is back with High Bias , out October 14th.

High Bias Track Listing:

1. Fever
2. 3000 AD
3. Notion Sickness
4. Follow You Around
5. Teddy’s Servo Motors
6. Get Your Way
7. Pulsations
8.Ostinato Musik
9. Everybody in the USA