“Proper Burial” by Fresh Snow

Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day' is "Proper Burial" by Soft Snow.

Born in a dive bar on Toronto’s Bloor Street in 2010, four friends gathered to make improvisational music based on their love of drones, noise and—less obviously—strongly melodic pop music. Since their first show in 2011, Andy Lloyd (bass, keys) , Brad Davis (guitars, keys), Jon Maki (drums), and Tim Condon (keys, etc) have released a split 7” single with METZ, a full-length album, “I” (Reel Cod Records), and a cover of ‘Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle’, featuring vocals by Julie Fader on the Nirvana tribute album, Milkin’ It (Hand Drawn Dracula).? ?

They have been invited to perform at NXNE, Wavelength, Long Winter, Electric Eclectics, and Arboretum Festival, along with venues throughout Ontario and in Montreal putting on their live show that’s featured them in red hoods, wooden masks, and playing inside a pod full of projectors.

Primarily an instrumental band with a core line-up augmented by guest horn and string players (including Trent Severn’s Laura C. Bates), Fresh Snow is not easy to pigeonhole. Their upcoming WON, scheduled for release in Canada on Hand Drawn Dracula September 11, 2015, will explore different sides of the band’s aesthetic, and features vocal appearances by DIANA’s Carmen Elle, and FUCKED UP’s Damian Abraham. Just as they are prone to wearing masks onstage, so they are intent on keeping listeners guessing what they’ll do next. In an age where everything is instant and people have nothing to hide, Fresh Snow believes that a little mystery makes everything more enjoyable.

Track List:

1. King Twink Rides Again
2. Proper Burial (ft. Carmen Elle)
3. Blood In The Sun (digital only)
4. Delft
5. Don’t Fuck A Gift Horse In The Mouth (ft. Damian Abraham)