Primaveras “Better Off”

"Better Off" by primaveras is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'

Primaveras has announced its debut album Echoes in the Well of Being. The full-length will be available September 28th via streaming services. The project of LA artist James Clifford is described as psych pop at its dreamiest; Echoes is a summertime gem shining with likeness to Phoenix, Tame Impala and the Los Angeles air itself.

James Clifford on “Better Off”:

“While most people will immediately interpret it as a break up song, I see the core sentiment as trying to grow up and move on from any sort of worn-out relationship.” Despite an audible affinity for modern production, the man behind the band credits old-school R&B with powerful inspiration. It was an infectious groove by the Isely Brothers that drove today’s melodic delight. “I wanted it to be fairly obvious who I’m paying homage to in that intro,” says Clifford. Echoes in the Well of Being follows the recently released Julian Jasper EP, a crisp four-track collection containing streaming standout, “2am, Chinatown.”

Growing up in a musical family in California, Clifford began playing guitar in early adolescence and played in garage bands throughout high school. Foregoing a formal musical education, he is a largely self-taught multi-instrumentalist and producer. However, his passion for playing and writing stems from a much deeper passion for music in general. It is not uncommon for him to scour music stores for vintage guitars and synths or stay up all night listening to records. Regarding his musical vision, he seeks to employ a sense of old-school musicality while maintaining a forward-thinking and singular artistic voice; he also considers Bowie, Prince, the Clash, Funkadelic, Chic, Todd Rundgren, Roxy Music, Steely Dan, The Beach Boys, and the Beatles as some of his greatest inspirations.

Echoes in the Well of Being

1. 2am, Chinatown
2. Can’t Undo My Love
3. Solitude/Long Way Home
4. Better Off
5. I Don’t Mind
6. In The Lilacs
7. Kerala (Interlude)
8. Wait Until Dawn
9. Tell Me So
10. Send Me An Angel
11. “I Wish… Technicolor”
12. Before You Say Goodbye