“Pressure” By Naked Lungs

Irish band Naked Lungs, recently announced details of their debut album, Doomscroll. The full-length was recorded and mixed by Gilla Band’s Daniel Fox at Sonic Studios in Dublin, the new album is out 18th August, and to mark the announcement the band have shared it’s crushing lead single “Pressure”.

The quartet’s new single “Pressure” combines abrasive noise, grinding guitars, and a deceptively groove-heavy rhythm section, which coalesces around vocalist Tom Brady’s unique vocals. Exploring themes of male-vulnerability, toxic masculinity, and the inevitable downward spiral as result of not addressing these issues, the single is accompanied by a video directed by the band’s bassist, Ryan Mortell.

Speaking on the video, Ryan says “Keeping in line with the lyrics, the video explores the concept of anxiety and toxicity boiling over to manifest itself as a literal monster for us to overcome. By showing the negative means we use to overcome these feelings, we can explore the journey one might take to escape this self-fulfilling prophecy of toxicity. The visuals are highly influenced by the work of New-French Extremity directors such as Julia Ducournau and Gaspar Noe – I was especially influenced by Noe’s “Enter The Void” in which the protagonist spirals into a psychedelic trip through their memories following their untimely death.”

Soft Lungs

1. Gack
2. Second Song
3. River (Down)
4. Relentless
5. Shell
6. Outcome
7. Pressure
8. Database
9. The Garden
10. Boo Boo

Pre-order Doomscroll by Soft Lungs HERE


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