Potty Mouth Release “Cherry Picking” video

Potty Mouth have shared the new video for their track "Cherry Picking".

Potty Mouth have shared the new video for their track”Cherry Picking”. The Massachusetts trio’s self-titled EP is out now via their own imprint, Planet Whatever Records.

The new video is take on The Ramones’ music video for classic tune “I Want You Around”; however, in true fashion form of Potty Mouth there is twist to this original concept. Bassist Ally Einbinder explains, “The general narrative and aesthetic is kept the same (i.e. band magically appears in teenage fan’s very teenage-looking bedroom and plays song for fan) — but rather than simply create a version where gender designations of the teenage fan and band are inverted along rigid binary lines (i.e. band of women plays for teenage fan boy) we decided it would feel more meaningful to create a version in which heteronormative expectations of gender roles and relation patterns are challenged as opposed to reinforced, particularly in regard to the risk of being positioned as objects of the ‘male gaze.’ This led us to reimagining the storyline with a teenage girl fan who does not fawn over us to the point of intimidation, but rather, feeds off of our energy to the point of inspiration, as represented by the video’s final scene when she joins the band in playing the song. Part of the reason why we reimagined the video this way is because it represents an experience that really feels like one of the most rewarding aspects of being in Potty Mouth.”

Potty Mouth is set to appear at CMJ 2015, plus have announced a small run of West Coast dates that will bring the band through Los Angeles, Seattle, Oakland and more. See all tour dates listed below.

(new tour dates bolded)

9/21 Allston [Boston], MA @ Great Scott
9/22 Philadelphia, PA @ Boot & Saddle
9/23 New Haven, CT @ BAR
9/24 Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium
10/13-10/17 New York, NY @ CMJ Festival
10/21 Portland OR @ Mississippi Studios
10/22 Seattle WA @ Sunset Tavern
10/23 Vancouver BC @ Fortune Sound Club
10/25 Oakland CA @ Leo’s
10/26 Los Angeles CA @ Bootleg Bar
10/28 San Diego @ Soda Bar