Population II Debuts New Single “Introspection”

Montreal band Population II share "Introspection"
Population II photo by Laurence Martin

Montreal band Population II, recently the announcement of their signing with Californian label Castle Face Records (Thee Oh Sees, TY Segal). The band has developed a strong following, due to their spontaneous live shows. Today, the band have shared a taste of their new album À La Ô Terre, with their new single “Introspection.” Their debut album is schedule to drop on on October 30th.

Population II is able to break the barrier of language, using words as an accessory and the echoey voice ram the music without taking too much place, acting almost like another instrument, hypnotizing into a sort of long trance. The debut album was recorded in Montreal with the help of the producer and musician Emmanuel Ethier (Chocolat, Corridor, Jonathan Personne). With his background and experience, joining forces with the unapologetic instrument play of the band, they were able to let the blazing energy truly shine through the 10 songs composing this debut album.

À la Ô Terre
Castle Face Records

01. Introspection
02. Ce n’est rêve
03. Les vents
04. L’offrande
05. La nuit
06. Il eut un silence dans le ciel
07. Attraction
08. La danse
09. À la porte de demain
10. Je laisse le soleil briller