Polarheart share dreamy video for Paralyse

Polarheart share dreamy new video for Paralyse The video was directed by Alexander Leeway Recorded at Polarheart Headquarters and Vienne People Studios,

Polarheart have just released the new video for their lush and heartfelt single, “Paralyse”. The song embodies the Polarheart sound, minimalist soundscapes, layered vocals, and heartfelt lyrics. It describes the paralytic love you experience that makes it impossible to move on. It captures the feeling of having lost everything and being left stranded and alone.

The music video was directed by Alexander Leeway and complements the song perfectly, with the dreamy and understated cinematography. Recorded at Polarheart Headquarters and Vienne People Studios, Paralyse was mixed by Chris Chidiac and Studio Sonik and mastered by Breakneck Mastering.


Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Mary Rose and Chris Chidiac are Polarheart. Having played alongside each other in previous projects, the duo began writing together in early 2013. They found a strong chemistry, and a year later Polarheart was born. Their combination of dreamy vocals and abstract soundscapes make for a captivating listening experience. Drawing on a range of musical influences with classical training in common, and a love for pop and electronica.

“This song brought Polarheart to life. After months of writing, this was the song that defined our sound, and our direction. We always strive to put the song itself first and have it complimented by the production. We like to make sure there is a story or a message that at least one person can relate to in one way or another.” – Mary Rose (Polarheart)



















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