“Planet Bombing” By Deaf Club

Deaf Club, play a serious brand of hardcore punk, that appeals to the biggest fans of the genre. The Southern California project is Led by multi-artist Justin Pearson (The Locust, Dead Cross, Planet B), Brian Amalfitano (ACxDC), Scott Osment (Weak Flesh), Jason Klein (Run With The Hunted), and Tommy Meehan (The Manx, Chum Out!). Today, the band have shared a video for their new single “Planet Bombing.” The track is off their forthcoming release Productive Disruption, out January 6, 2022 via Three One G Records.

Recently, Deaf Club released a cover and video of Killing Joke’s “The Wait” as a benefit, a slew of other music videos including a long form performance of their upcoming LP in its entirety, have worked on collaborations with clothing brand Brain Dead to release ultra limited test pressings of their upcoming album, and have played a handful of shows in Southern California, including under a bridge in DTLA lit by the spotlight of a police helicopter hovering overhead.

“Planet Bombing”
video credits

Director: Eris Deo
Director of photography: Tyler Bradberry
Editors: Eris Deo, Evan Aretz
Asst. editor: Constantine Mickens
Set design, special effects, glitch art: Eris Deo
Art PA: Annabel Young
Computer art: Skinner
VFX: Evan Aretz
Extra footage provided by Nic Maier

Justin Pearson from Deaf Club on “Planet Bombing:”

“There is a lot to unpack in what I’m trying to cover with the lyrics. Overall, I was taking a jab at Capitalism and the fact that for many humans, financial wealth is more important than humanity, the environment, or even the future for generations that will inherit the planet. I tried to sprinkle in subtle, or not so subtle points addressing race, class, and my overall disgust in the archetype of those who control the financial sector of US imperialism.”

“Planet Bombing”

Wall Street is War Street.
White sheet, trick or treat?
Concrete soiled suite.
Shit gene, hit delete.
Gentleman wears a bloody glove, sent from the heavens above.
Can’t un-dream if he doesn’t dispose of the fallen peace dove.
And the dead sky became so dark that the bats stayed home.
There was, no blood, to feed, the bad, chromosome.
Compete cheating athlete.
Off beat while it plays on repeat.
Excrete on the back seat.
The elite will make this obsolete

“Planet Bombing” is off of Deaf Club’s forthcoming release Productive Disruption via Three One G Records on January 6th, Preorder, HERE