Plaitum share new track ‘Carousel’

Plaitum today share new track "Carousel", the second track from their self-titled EP,

Plaitum today share new track “Carousel”, the second track from their debut, self-titled Plaitum EP, set for release December 4th via Paul Epworth’s label Wolf Tone.

Of the track, Abi Dersiley recently told Stereogum “‘Carousel’ is basically about drowning in someone else’s deception.” while Matt Canham says “the ending of ‘Carousel’ is probably my favourite moment on the EP — Abi played these massive climatic chords on the keyboard and we just ran with the idea of making a really 80s crescendo around it.”

Plaitum combine the glacial cries and whispers of Abi Dersiley with the dark and brooding atmospherica of producer Matt Canham. Now 20, the multi-instrumentalist pair have been friends since childhood, meeting at age 11 at school in Colchester, UK, and bonding over their shared love of Massive Attack, Talking Heads and old horror films. They were in a series of bands together before realizing their close friendship meant a duo was the most effective vehicle for their ideas.

Plaitum is a neologism that the duo came up with after making abstract sounds with their mouths. Their first joint composition, ‘Geisha’, was written and uploaded to SoundCloud while they were still at school, attracting the attention of French imprint Kitsuné, who used it as the climatic piece of music for the 14th in their series of prestigious compilations.

In February 2015, they signed to Wolf Tone, the record label founded by Paul Epworth, and began working on their forthcoming debut album, with Canham at the controls at the famous Church studios in North London’s Crouch End, overseen by Epworth. Ahead of that there is Plaitum’s debut EP, featuring LMHY, Carousel, Higher and Sway, and it’s the introduction to the world of Plaitum. A world of obsession and death, sex and psychosis, and charged, dark electronic pop.