“65 Nickels” Pkew Pkew Pkew

Pkew Pkew Pkew have released a video for their new single “65 Nickels.” The track is off their debut release for Dine Alone Records, and follows, previous single “Passed Out,” both in celebration to their signing to Dine Alone Records. The band is comprised of Mike Warne (guitars/vocals), Ryan McKinley (guitars/vocals), Emmett O’Reilly (bass/vocals) and David Laino (drums)––somehow just keeps keepin’ on.

Mike Warne’s songwriting style has been compared to The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn, both relying on wit and storytelling to convey deeper frustrations and thoughts about the world they live in. Undoubtedly it shook Warne to his core in the best way possible when, after discovering the band online and practically falling head-over-heels, Craig Finn suggested taking a trip to Toronto to workshop some new songs with the band.

“You know in school when you can hand your work in early, and the teacher will read it and give it back to you, and then you can really hand it in? It was kinda like that,” grins Warne.

Every song from that writing session in the spring of 2017 made it onto the bands forthcoming record, which is due early 2019. While their debut angled more towards the minutiae of the late-20s punk life, Pkew Pkew Pkew is now stepping back to look more at its root causes.

From Dine Alone Records

Pkew Pkew Pkew have been on the beat for a while. They’ve opened on cross-continental runs with Anti-Flag and The Flatliners, headlined dates across North America, Europe and the U.K., and become mainstays at punk festivals like Montreal’s Pouzza Fest and Gainesville blowout The Fest. Along the way, they’ve accrued a loyal fanbase of both “sports dads and young kids that wanna drink and barf on each other,” Warne laughs. While their 2016 self-titled debut angled more towards the minutiae of the late-20s punk life, their new material steps back to look at the root causes.

“Is this good or is this bad?” Warne ponders of the lifestyle Pkew sings about. “It’s fun to live like an idiot, but it’s probably bad, also. We’re all constantly wondering if we’ve ruined our lives forever or not, being in a band.”