Pink Orange Red debuts “Rollercoaster”

Pink Orange Red is the solo project of musician Phillip Tubbs (Cigarettes After Sex). Today, he has shared "Rollercoaster," of his forthcoming Firelights LP
Pink Orange Red by Shervin Lainez

Phillip Tubbs, creates music under the name Pink Orange Red. The El Paso, Texas musician has spent the past couple of years as a member of Cigarettes After Sex, playing guitar and keyboards. Tubbs been writing and performing his own songs since his early teens, his sound is mainly influenced by dance/dream pop style with a mix of Ethereal Wave. In Pink Orange Red, Tubbs takes care of keyboards, guitar, vocals and all programming. Tubbs, will know be focusing on Pink Orange Red, on a full-time basis, and looks to tour behind his new single Rollercoaster, off his forthcoming release Firelights.

After having toured the world, recorded an EP and two full lengths with Cigarettes After Sex it was clear Phillip needed to release his own music and find his own success. Greg (singer of Cigarettes) and Phillip always knew one of them would make it first and the other would follow suit. Pink Orange Red was founded to that end. The songs aim to be honest and direct with the same pop sensibility Cigarettes After Sex are known and loved for. His last three singles have gained a cult following online with his latest single “Rollercoaster” to see release in early January.

The Firelights album is self produced. Anthony “Rocky” Gallo recorded the vocals and mixed the songs. Album mastered by Heba Kadry. Firelights is a collection of singles and all the songs are built to grab. The artwork throughout is a burning bush which hints at God as an obstacle and a channel. Tunnel imagery is used as a metaphor for being lost and not knowing what’s in front of you. The songs are all a struggle with the loss of love. Sometimes the lost one is a lover as in Firelights or a parent, as in Encore. The lyrics are all incredibly personal and confessional. Essentially the ethos of the album is…no one wants to see your medals, tell us about your scars.