Pink Mountaintops Premieres New Video

Pink Mountaintops Releases "Second Summer of Love" Video, from 'Get Back' the LP is now out on Jagjaguwar, the first single is "North Hollywood Microwaves"

The new video from Pink Mountaintops for “Second Summer of Love”, the latest single off of Get Back, perfectly captures the unbridled energy of youth in scenes of skateboards on fire, minor-league mailbox baseball, and a careless indifference as the world explodes around you. Director Brook Linder had this to say about the process behind the video which they debuted this morning.

“We started with this insane image: looking at a flaming kick flip from an impossible angle, and worked backwards from there. Much of the focus was just creating a collage of textures grabbed from rolling around with this skate crew in the Midwest. The song is totally Stephen’s anthem for a very particular time and place – we took those images and twisted them out into a montage of youthful energy, the good and the bad.



  1. Ambulance City
  2. The Second Summer of Love
  3. Through All The Worry
  4. Wheels
  5. Sell Your Soul
  6. North Hollywood Microwaves
  7. Sixteen
  8. New Teenage Mutilation
  9. Shakedown
  10. The Last Dance

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