Pinact share single ‘Anxiety’ from new album

Pinact share their new single "Anxiety" from their forthcoming album 'Stand Still And Rot,'

Pinact, have harnessed the spirit of Glasgow’s music scene. The band is able to combine experimental, turn-it-up-to-11 guitar sounds with melodic awareness, despite their scarce lineup consisting of only guitarist/vocalist Corrie Gillies and drummer Chris McCrory. The glaswegian act has shared their first single “Anxiety” from their forthcoming album ‘Stand Still And Rot.’

The duo will be releasing the album on May 19th via Kanine Records. The album (produced by MJ of Hookworms) distills their live sound. It’s loud, it’s uncompromising. The LP features the tracks “Into the One,” “Brew”, and “Negative Thoughts and Jealousy” along with newer tracks like “The Beginning of the End” and debut single “Anxiety.”

1. Stand Still And Rot
2. Anxiety
3. Scars
4. Into The One
5. Negative Thoughts And Jealousy
6. Limbs
7. Brew
8. Terrapin
9. Up Or Down
10. The Beginning of the End
11. Spill Yr Guts, Let Out Some Noise
12. Novembore


*February 19 Brudnell Social Club, Leeds, England
*February 20 Roll For The Soul, Bristol, England
*February 21 Talk Bar, Birmingham, England
*February 23 Drift Bar, Portmouth, England
*February 24 Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton, England
*February 25 Montague Arms, London, England
*February 26 Star and Garter, Manchester, England
*February 28 13th Note, Glasgow, Scotland

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