Peter Silberman debuts “New York” video

Peter Silberman (The Antlers) releases new video for "New York"
Cover art by Zan Goodman and Justin Garrett Hollar

Musician and songwriter Peter Silberman, known for his work with The Antlers, is set to release his solo album Impermanence on February 24th. This is Silberman’s first solo outing, but it is an artistic continuation of the journey he began with The Antlers on Hospice, Burst Apart, and Familiars.

Today marked the premiere of the video for track “New York”, utilizing archival historical footage of the city to evoke a sense of loss and time.

Silberman says of the track and its accompanying video:

“New York” is a lament for a relentlessly impermanent place. It’s a song of estrangement from streets that became unrecognizable in no time, and the end of a dissociation from sounds I’d come to ignore.

I’ve strung together this video from collections of footage archived in the public domain, from open-sourced memories of an obsolete city that maybe never was.

Through reorganizing these aimless images, I found a story of flight from crowded cacophony, a quiet struggle against New York’s stubborn gravitational pull, and a memory just beyond reach.”

Impermanence is a musical document of Silberman’s experience with a hearing impairment that led him to leave Brooklyn for a secluded setting in upstate New York. As he adjusted to the static, he re-introduced sounds and sparse and minimal songs.

Peter Silberman Impermanence Track Listing:

1. Karuna

2. New York

3. Gone Beyond

4. Maya

5. Ahimsa

6. Impermanence