Peaking Lights Reveal LP ‘Cosmic Logic’

Peaking Lights reveal their new album 'Cosmic Logic', coming out October 6th via Weird World Record Company, the first single of the record is "Breakdown"

Los Angeles duo Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis, AKA Peaking Lights will release new album Cosmic Logic through Weird World on October 6th 2014. First single ‘Breakdown’ comes out on the same day.

Vivid, nocturnal and sensual, the eleven lean and lithe pop songs of Cosmic Logic follow 2012’s Lucifer and are another progression in the band’s ever-evolving sound; their free-wheeling, far-reaching production and mesmeric, mantra-like songwriting pushing into brighter, bolder spaces than ever before.

Recorded by the band themselves in their newly built Los Angeles studio, many of the luminous sounds used on Cosmic Logic were designed by Coyes himself over the eighteen months of its making. The record was completed with the help of Matt Thornley (DFA, LCD Soundsystem) at C’mpny Studios in LA in the spring of 2014.

It’s a record where a loving homage to ‘Der Song von Mandelay’ – the first song on The Flying Lizards’ debut album (opening track “Infinite Trips”), The Carpenters re-interpretation of 70’s prog rockers Klaatu (the interplanetary groove of “Telephone Call”) and the deliriously catchy digi-dub of lead single “Breakdown” all coalesce with elements of Jamaican digital dancehall, Cosmic Italo, Chicago house and acid house, Afrobeat and Zamrock, early west coast hip-hop and disco boogie crossover into something both instantly recognisable and delightfully alien. Looking both to other cultures and the cosmos for inspiration, Cosmic Logic is a record that searches – a beacon in dark times.

Or, as Coyes puts it — “Peaking Lights’ whole thing has always been based on an idea of ‘Fucked Modern Pop but exactly what that is, we don’t know…we’re still trying to figure that out.”

‘Cosmic Logic’ will be available on CD (Weird033CD), deluxe LP including a limited edition bonus 12”, featuring two exclusive remixes by Peaking Lights (Weird033LPX), digital download (Weird033D) and a special, exclusive t-shirt download album bundle (Weird003TS). You can pre-order ‘Cosmic Logic’ via Weird World or iTunes. Listen to ‘Breakdown’ here –


Infinite Trips
Telephone Call
Hypnotic Hustle
Everyone and Us
Little Light
Eyes To Sea
Bad With The Good
New Grrrls
Tell Me Your Song
Peaking Lights Cosmic Logic packshot

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