Paul White announces new LP on R&S

Paul White announces new album, hear the new song "Honey Cats" from it now, Shaker Notes LP comes out 9/30 on R&S Records, White will announce show soon

Paul White has long established himself as a hip-hop producer, but on his debut LP for R&S Records he expands his horizons with the most personal music of his career to date. With the the sampler laid aside, the South Londoner emerges as a multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer as he charts the intoxication, heartbreak and ultimate triumph of a grand love affair.

Almost impossible to pin down, Paul White is a direct descendent of Romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, White strays into his ancestor’s opium haze on “Honey Cats,” his cracked, bluesy voice proving strangely seductive. “Where You Gonna Go?,” already championed by the likes of Jamie xx, is a wonderfully pastoral take on house music, with Jamie Woon’s backing vocals adding emotional heft as White questions his lover’s departure. “All We Know” could be Actress playing jazz, while “Running On A Rainy Day” is a celebration of life that casts White as a worthy successor to Arthur Russell. Collaborators on the record are drawn from his close circle of friends and musical allies, ranging from English folk singer Nancy Elizabeth on the cathartic title track to a talented visiting American uncle, whose electric violin gives cinematic weight to “Sitting In Circles.” White produced the album entirely and plays drums, bass, guitar, a multitude of synths and much more throughout, as well as singing on many songs.

This may all come as a surprise to those who thought they had White cast as a beat-maker operating on the bolder margins of hip-hop – most notably via his contributions to Danny Brown’s XXX and Old LPs. Brown calls him his, “favorite producer to work with,” and White’s broad fanbase, from kindred spirit Madlib to the likes of Diplo and James Holden, testifies to his versatility and imagination.

Shaker Notes is White’s fourth album as a solo artist after he made his name in 2008 with the oddball cult classic The Strange Dreams of Paul White, but his first for R&S.

Paul White
Shaker Notes  
R&S Records
Street Date: Sept. 30, 2014
1. Intro
2. All We Know
3. Where You Gonna Go?
4. Honey Cats
5. Wait & See
6. Running On A Rainy Day
7. Fighting To Dance
8. Is It Up To Us?
9. Sitting In Circles
10. Numbers of Change
11. Shaker Notes

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