Parcels sign to Maison Kitsune


Today, Maison Kitsuné is proud to announce the signing of Parcels, the funk-pop group from Byron Bay Australia, who caught the eye of Kitsuné co-founder Gildas Loaec in 2015. On Parcel’s first release on the label, Kitsuné invites you to explore the many facets of Herefore’s addicting melodies, through the works of remixers who, just like Parcels, combine and rearrange worldwide influences: Finnish disco guru Roisto, French dapper duet Her, Berlin native Kid Simius and LA newcomers Onda.

The driving concept behind Parcels is contrast. The musical direction blends vintage and contemporary influences together while the instrumentation starkly contrasts digital and analogue. Although sporting hairdos worthy of a 70s surf culture throwback, Parcels’ music and style points elsewhere – in a joyful future where humanized Daft Punk would decide to groove along with Steely Dan and Frank Ocean.

Parcels is Patrick Hetherington, Louie Swain, Noah Hill, Anatole Serret and Jules Crommelin. The five piece formed in 2014 during their final year of high school and recorded their first, self-produced EP. Well received in Australia and Europe the debut represented the first recording ever produced by its members, where wide synth soundscapes and an electronic rhythm section meet lively guitars and five part vocal harmony. Shortly after their first release, Parcels left Australia for Berlin where they currently reside.

Herefore Remix EP
May 20, 2016

1. Herefore
2. Herefore (Roisto Remix)
3. Herefore (Her Remix)
4. Herefore (Kid Simius Remix)
5. Herefore (Onda Remix)