Paper Bag Records add Montreal’s The Luyas, Tim Hecker and Moonface to label roster.

Paper Bag Records has added Montreal’s Moonface, Tim Hecker and The Luyas to their label roster in Canada. All artists are currently working on new material. The Luyas are scheduled to release their second studio album later this year and Tim Hecker and Moonface will unleash their label debuts early in 2013. Paper Bag Records is also making exciting plans to celebrate their 10th anniversary later this year. Stay tuned for more details.

Tim Hecker, a Canadian-based composer and sound artist, has spent the last decade inhabiting a unique intersection between noise, dissonance, and melody. In his varied and celebrated works, digital and organic sources tightly intertwine. The result is a hybrid aesthetic that recalls electronic abstraction and psychedelic American minimalism. Hecker purposefully obfuscates the clear tonal distinctions of traditional
instrumentation, preferring to cultivate enigmatic, uneasy soundscapes. His most recent record, the Juno Award winning, Ravedeath, 1972, was awarded the Best New Music title by, and was included on the long list for the 2011 Polaris Music Prize.

Hailing from Montreal, The Luyas are Pietro Amato, Mathieu Charbonneau, Bucky Wheaton, Sarah Neufeld and Jessie Stein. It is easy to get lost in the Luyas’ musical world. Their retro-futurist songs are drenched in echo, and built from guitars, French horn, piles of keyboards, drums and percussion. Singer/guitarist Jessie Stein expands the band’s already wide musical vocabulary when she plays the Moodswinger — a 12-string electric zither designed by the Dutch experimental luthier Yuri Landman. The band’s brilliant debut album, Too Beautiful To Work was embraced by critics and was also included on the long list for the 2011 Polaris Music Prize.

Moonface is singer, songwriter, keyboardist, Spencer Krug, known previously by his former bands Sunset Rubdown, Wolf Parade, Frog Eyes and Swan Lake. It was a mere two songs that Krug wrote and recorded alone in his Montreal home which was resurrected in his love for home-recording. The following two albums were made in the same way, written and recorded alone, in Montreal, when he wasn’t busy with other projects. Dreamland EP: Marimba and Shit-Drums IB was released in 2010, and Organ Music, Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped released last year. Moonface recorded his third album With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery in Finland. The album was released this past April.

Tour Dates
June 15 – Pontiac, MI – Pike Room w/ La Big Vic
June 16 – Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall w/ La Big Vic
June 17 – Iowa City, IA – The Mill w/ La Big Vic
June 19 – Minneapolis, MN – 7th Street Entry w/ La Big Vic
June 20 – Lawrence, KS – Jackpot w/ La Big Vic
June 21 – Dallas, TX – Club Dada w/ La Big Vic
June 22 – Austin, TX – Red 7 w/ La Big Vic
June 23 – Fayetteville, AR – Smoke & Barrel w/ La Big Vic
June 24 – St. Louis, MO – Luminary Center for the Arts w/ La Big Vic
June 26 – Nashville, TN – 12th & Porter w/ La Big Vic
June 27 – Atlanta, GA – Earl w/ La Big Vic
June 28 – Chapel Hill, NC – Local 506 w/ La Big Vic
June 29 – Baltimore, MD – Sonar w/ La Big Vic
June 30 – New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom w/ La Big Vic
July 01 – Cambridge, MA – TT The Bears w/ La Big Vic

Tim Hecker
June 21 – Calgary, AB – Sled Island Festival
July 14 – Chicago, IL – Pitchfork Festival
August 4 – Seattle, WA – Substrata Festival
August 25 – New York, NY – Public Assembly
December 7 – Minehead, UK – All Tomorrow’s Parties

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