Pallas Athene Debuts New Single “Through Hell”

Pallas Athene
Pallas Athene

Pallas Athene is the musical project of by Breanna Johnston. The musician spent nearly a decade playing guitar in various rock and folk bands, before injuring her hands in a construction accident, which forced her to take an extended break from playing. The time off gave her a chance to explore and learn electronic music. In 2016 Pallas Athene recorded her first single “What I Want,” the track was selected as a demo feature for FatCat Records UK, and was released on a vinyl compilation by the same label in July, 2019. [“Brought to Light Vol.1”]. Today, sees the release her emotional new single “Through Hell,” which she also talks about below.

“I wrote “Through Hell” about my experiences with the stages of grief, self-acceptance and the healing process that follows psychological trauma. It’s about losing total control, grieving my old carefree self, and just wanting to feel safe and free. “Through Hell,” is sort of a cathartic lullaby to myself, a reminder to release and accept what I can’t change, or it will bury me. It’s the process of finding out that there is no way back, and that the only way forward is through.”


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