“Oyster Bay” by Will Epstein

Oyster Bay is the new single from composer and songwriter Will Epstein’s album Wendy, available February 3rd via Fat Possum Records. Its spellbinding groove and lushly evolving soundscapes feel at once classic and modern as they wind us through the sediments of Epstein’s mental and physical surroundings. Central to the song’s theme is a quest to uncover what’s hidden around and inside us—glimpses of a city’s past and future fly before our eyes and a late-night revelatory glimmer thrusts open the dark curtains that shroud our minds. Epstein pours his whole body into the composition, performing on prepared piano, body percussion, keyboards and a culminating duet on soprano saxophone with Dave Harrington’s Bansuri Guitar. Ahead of the album’s release, Epstein has shared a video for album track.”

Will Epstein on the video “Oyster Bay:”

The video for Oyster Bay, directed by David Schulze with analog image processing by video artist Benton C. Bainbridge and art direction from Will Epstein, creates an otherworldly mood that plunges into the dreamlike depths of the song. Bainbridge’s work conjures ghosts and apparitions that haunt Schulze’s stark and engaging frames, unearthing layers of light and feeling beneath the images that reflect the emotional architecture of the music.”

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