“Overseas/BACK 2 U” by Lannds

Lannds is the Los Angeles-based duo of vocalist-guitarist Rania Woodard and multi-instrumentalist Brian Squillace, have released new single, “Overseas/BACK 2 U” out today via Run For Cover Records. The track follows the band’s recent single “K TOWN”.

The Woodard discussed the new song, saying:

“This song is meant to capture the tragedies of unfortunate unrequited love. Sometimes you meet a person and you realize you both are in different places in your lives and it just doesn’t work out. I wanted to write about the feelings in between the silence, the feelings after you realize you wish things were different, and the moments you realize that no matter what this person will still and always occupy a space in your heart and the way you move through life from then on.”

Since forming in 2017, LANNDS have been releasing EPs and always pushing their sound in new directions. “K TOWN” follows lotus deluxe, a reissue of their 2020 EP with new material that marked their first collaboration with Run For Cover Records. The new track was entirely produced, engineered, and mixed by Squillace and Woodard, reflecting the duo’s uniquely in-house approach to making such sweeping, widescreen music. “When we do it ourselves, even if it’s a little more ‘home done’ sounding, it’s just more us,” Squillace says. YeaOrder rs of collaboration have allowed the duo to embrace each other’s creative skills – whether it be Woodard’s blossoming layers of vocal melodies, or Squillace’s soulful piano chords – and shape them into a sound they can truly feel at home in, without the weight of outside influence.

Order “Overseas/BACK 2 U” by Lannds HERE


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