Overmono “Clipper (Another 5 Years)”

"Clipper (Another 5 Years)" by Overmono is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day.
"Clipper (Another 5 Years)" by Overmono

UK duo, Overmono recently released their single “Clipper (Another 5 Years).” The track, is the second from their forthcoming ‘Everything U Need’ EP, due out on November 6, via XL Recordings. “Clipper was written just after Andrew Weatherall sadly died,” say the duo. “In the days after his death we went on a massive Weatherall bender, listening to all his various projects. We don’t usually listen to much music when we’re writing, but in this case there’s no doubt the influence of his back catalogue shaped this track.”

This EP represents the marriage of everything Overmono have done previously and it showcases the duo’s ability to make music that is as enjoyable on headphones as it is in the club. Topped off with incredible artwork from the acclaimed artist Rollo Jackson, Overmono are clearly stepping into a new era of their artistry. In their own words, “It’s our most complete record to date”.