Outfit share details of New LP ‘Slowness’

Outfit shares details of their new Full-length LP 'Slowness,' share single "Genderless."

Outfit have announced Slowness. The Liverpool band’s second full length is due to be released on June 16th via Memphis Industries. Last year found the band scattered across two countries and three cities, separated by life and love from each other and from those closest to them.

Slowness paints a portrait of distance using haunting piano, piercing synthesizers and guitars, all underpinned by Outfit’s trademark rhythm section. It dwells on physical distance between lovers, the emotional distance when we return, and the ways in which we imagine each other thousands of miles apart.

Following up their debut “Performance”, Outfit toured with Everything Everything, played the 6 Music Festival, Festival No. 6, End of the Road and Pitchfork Paris as well as several London dates.

Slowness is both sonically and emotionally charged, capturing the harrowing shock of being in love and apart, and the stillness of staring into screens. Ultimately, though, Slowness sounds like a band coming to terms with themselves as artists and people to create an album that celebrates life’s obstacles: a record made between New York, London and Liverpool — a piece of work compelled by distance.


01. New Air
02. Slowness
03. Smart Thing
04. Boy
05. Happy Birthday
06. Wind Or Vertigo
07. Genderless
08. Framed
09. On The Water On The Way
10. Cold Light Home
11. Swam Out

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