“Out With The Boys” Alias Kid

Alias Kid’s new single was written in the heart of lockdown of last year when a night out seemed like both a distant memory and far flung prospect, “Out With The Boys” was written by the bands songwriters-in-chief Maz and Sean as they dared to dream of the world outside and its dormant nightlife.

“It just came from being locked up and wanting to get back out in the world to have a bit of fun” reflects Maz. “At the time there was just nowhere to go and people were crawling up the walls stuck in their houses. Dreaming of being free I suppose.”

Swapping demos and ideas between Zoom, Whatsapp audio messages and more as they passed the time, by the time the restrictions had lifted the pairing had fleshed out what we now hear as the fully formed “Out With The Boys”. Taking it straight into the studio, the finished version was recorded at Big City Jack’s and produced by Alias Kid’s new lead guitarist Tony Long (who has been producing records in NYC for some years already) with added input from the rest of the band.

Reconnecting with long-term supporter Alan McGee this year, “Out With The Boys” is the first release on his latest label venture It’s Creation Baby. Signing a record deal with the kind of tale we’ve come to expect from the Creation Stories legend, Maz remembers:

“Alan (McGee) wrote out a record contract on the back of a hotel lunch menu when he met up with Sean in town. Sean obviously signed it immediately and now we are releasing with Creation.”

Returning in 2021 with a collection of new songs, Alias Kid are now planning to release them over the coming months via It’s Creation Baby.

"Out With The Boys" by Alias Kid is Northern Transmissions Video of the Day. The track is now available via It's Creation Baby

“Out With The Boys” by Alias Kid is Northern Transmissions Video of the Day

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