Our Interview With Shimmering Stars

Northern Transmissions interview Andrew Dergousoff from Shimmering Stars, 'Bedrooms Of The Nation' comes out 8/13. Shimmering Stars play 7/28 in Winnipeg.

Northern Transmissions had the pleasure of chatting with Shimmering Stars’ drummer Andrew Dergousoff . Their new album Bedrooms Of The Nation comes out on August 13th.

Northern Transmissions: Shimmering Stars started out playing Everly Brothers covers in your parents’ garage quite a long time ago. Although the sound has changed a bit, the core of the band is still together.

Andrew Dergousoff: That’s quite accurate, Rory and I have known each other since the 2nd grade. We started when we were really young, playing Beach Boys and Everly Brothers songs. Brent joined the fold a little later. Those were really great times, I have some nice memories. The lineup has always been the same. We just added Elisha to play bass, so Brent can concentrate on playing a bit more guitar.

NT: The band’s sound has really morphed into a more atmospheric one. When did you decide you wanted to change things around?

AD: I think the first record we made was for of a pet project of Rory’s. The second record was definitely much more of a collaborative effort. All of our influences are on it. It has a Sebadoh meets Pixies production value to it, that’s what we had decided on. We really wanted our sound to evolve, we kind of changed decades. I think we also changed because we didn’t really want to be pigeonholed into a certain sound.

NT: The new record Bedrooms of the Nation has a bit more of a darker side to it. What were some of the influences behind the album?

AD: I would definitely have to say that it’s noisier than the other music that we have put out in the past.
The last record was a bit more of a biographical one. Bedrooms of the Nation does have a number of darker themes on it. We moved in more of a political direction, you might be able to tell from the album title. That’s why it also sounds a bit less personal and romantic.

NT: On the last record you worked with Sub Pop’s boutique label Hardly Art. The new album is being released on your own label Shitty Bike Records. What prompted you guys to want to do it on your own?

AD: We would have liked to continue to work with Hardly Art. There were always questions from the label about the change of the band’s sound. Other labels were interested, but were curious about the different direction of the band. We really wanted to stick to our sound, and knew we wanted to record the new album in the garage. We really also couldn’t tour as much, due to other obligations. So we funded the new album through Kickstarter. We did pay for everything in advance, so we had something to give people immediately.

NT: The band really has developed quite a solid fan base from relentless touring. Are you taking the album on the road, despite having full time jobs?

AD: Yes and no. Unfortunately, this year we had to pass on SXSW, which we really enjoy playing. We did manage to organize a cross-Canada tour, we will be hitting a bunch of places. As we speak, we are trying to plan some European festival and west coast dates.

NT: Which five albums are still inspiring you?


Portishead – Live in New York

Interpol – Turn On The Bright Lights

The Pixies – Doolittle

The Flaming Lips – Clouds Taste Metallic

Manic Attracts – Eyes Wide Shut (a band from our hometown we dearly love)

Thee Oh Sees – Floating Coffin

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