Our interview with Carla Pérez from MOURN

Our interview with Carla Pèrez from Mourn.

Last Fall, Captured Tracks welcomed the young Catalan band MOURN, the foursome of leader Jazz Rodríguez Bueno, Carla Pérez Vas, Antonio Postius and Leia Rodríguez Bueno to the family. The band impressed the label with their songs “Silver Gold” and “Otitis.” We were lucky enough to have Tim Clapp (owner of Kingfisher Bluez) ask Carla a few quick questions about what’s happening these days.

The foursome are poised to make their live US debut with a string of dates in late March, starting March 29th at Baby’s All Right.

NT: Hi, how are you guys doing?

Hi! So good! Today, we went to Madrid to get our visas to go to USA. 

NT: Your LP was originally released last year on Sones Records, and reissued this year by Captured Tracks. Has the American release given you any opportunities you wouldn’t have had without a North American label?

Obviously, being part of Captured Tracks gave us more international opportunities, but we didn’t expect this, so we were excited since the day that Sones wanted us to be on their label and release our first album!

NT: Do you get tired of everyone mentioning your age? Are you proud to have accomplished so much so young, or do you feel that your age should have no bearing on how people see the band?

We understand that nowadays there’s not a lot of bands with our ages playing guitars and stuff, but well, sometimes it’s boring how the media have to remember our age. At the end, the important thing is the music that we make. Sometimes we think that people don’t take us seriously or something.

NT: What was it like recording the album live? Would you record the next LP the same way?

It was honest and direct, so we really like how we did it. There’s no mystery: we play, we record and then you hear it. That’s it. That’s the way that we like it, and I think it catches what we are and how we want to sound, so yeah, we want to do it again in that way.

NT: Where are you most excited to tour?

Tokyo! Also Australia, but we are so excited about everywhere.

NT: What is the music scene like in Barcelona? Do you have any favourite bands from your hometown?

There are a lot of young bands playing their shit! There are a lot of styles too, like garage, punk, melodic hardcore, indie-rock. We really like Beach Beach, which is the band of the boy that designed our album’s cover art!

NT: If you had to invent a new genre name to file your music under, what would you call it?


NT: You guys speak Catalan and English, but so far, you’ve chosen to sing in English. Do you think it’s important to Mourn, that the songs are in English? 

Everything happens for a reason. We just started writing in English because we felt it that way. We didn’t have a conversation about it first. We’re writing in Catalan too. It’s a normal thing for us to write in English because we listen to a lot of music in English.

NT: Do you think it would be the same band if you sang in Catalan?


NT: Which five albums are inspiring you these days?

Sleater-Kinney – No Cities to Love

Shlohmo – Places EP

Spiritualized – Amazing Grace

Cursive – The Ugly Organ

Fugazi – The Argument

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