“On Love (An Alternative Response to Almitra’s Request)” Ritt Momney

"On Love (An Alternative Response to Almitra's Request)" Ritt Momney, is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day.' The track is available via most DSPs
"On Love (An Alternative Response to Almitra's Request)" by Ritt Momney

Ritt Momney AKA: is Salt Lake City lo-fi indie-pop artist 19-year-old Jack Rutter. This week, he released his new single, “On Love (An Alternative Response To Almitra’s Request).” The title is a nod to Kahlil Gibran’s “The Prophet,” a book consisting of 26 prose poetry fables. Rutter traces a lot of parallels between this book in his upcoming debut album, Her and All of My Friends, out July 19th.

From Jack Rutter:

“I wrote ‘On Love’ like a year and a half ago, when I was still pretty broken up about my ex. It’s really just a review of everything I learned about love as I was going through that.”

Jack Rutter, was raised in a family of devout Mormons, Rutter himself appeared pretty devout as well until his senior year of high school. Two years earlier he had decided he was either agnostic or atheist, but was afraid of telling family and friends as he had heard Mormons talk about others who had “fallen away.” Halfway through his senior year, despite his skepticism, he was planning on serving a two-year mission for the church. He felt the mission work would be easier than dealing with the social backlash that comes with staying home. The backlash itself, he says, “is not malicious” and manifests itself “mostly in forms of passive-aggression and condescension.” But telling his family was the more daunting prospect: they’d be spending a literal eternity in the celestial kingdom (highest form of heaven) without their son. “I was sure my entire community, including my family, would look at me the same way I’d looked at people who’d left the church when I was younger – ‘that’s so sad’ and ‘I pray for him every night’ and ‘we really need to get her back to church’ were phrases I’d heard and spoken often,” says Rutter.

Ritt Momney
Her and All of My Friends
Track Listing

2. Lew’s Lullaby
3. Command V
4. On Love (An Alternative Response to Almitra’s Request)
5. Surely, You’d Burn the Same
6. Phoebe
8. Pollution / Disclaimer
9. Paper News
10. Something, In General
11. Wormwood
12. (If) The Book Doesn’t Sell

Ritt Momney

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