“Old Me Dies Here” By SWANES

"Old Me Dies Here" By SWANES is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is of the band's LP Sticky Concrete
"Old Me Dies Here" By SWANES is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

SWANES, have shared “Old Me Dies Here,” the track, is the second single off their LP Sticky Concrete, which was recorded during the midst of the pandemic, in Toronto at Cabin Studios. “The song’s focus is the quasi-Buddhist narrative – the death of the ‘old self’ and the rebirth of the ‘new self.’

On their first single, the brother duo of Toronto-based, Stefan and Michael Bildy focused on the largely Japanese epidemic of Hikikomori (people who gradually start to withdraw from society, sometimes no longer leaving their homes, in severe instances, for years), “Hikikomori In Love” then the dreamscape, floating and acoustic leaning,”My Anxieties” – a track that was empathically written from one brother, to another.

SWANES has been sampled by ‘illmind’ (produced Drake, Kayne West) and received radio play and press coverage from Exclaim and Earmilk and CBC to BBC. Stefan is a former jazz drummer, Michael is adept at signing ASL. Amazingly, they are also related to Jimmy Buffet.

The name Sticky Concrete was inspired by a quote from Sylvia Plath’s iconic book “The Bell Jar,” a book that parallels her own experience with mental illness and the theme of mental illness and anxiety, as well as introspection, rebirth and a shared relational experience with Toronto, are themes supreme over SWANES 10 new tracks on Sticky Concrete. It was produced entirely on a laptop and over headphones. The brothers were deeply inspired by Italian film composer Ennio Morricone (who sadly passed away in 2020) while writing the album. The evocative artwork is credited to Jo Minor.

Sticky Concrete
Track List

1. In The Crawl Space
2. Old Me Dies Here
3. My Anxieties
4. Fallback Man
5. Under The Fridge
6. Drake Country
7. Hikikomori In Love
8. Bloody Metals
9. Sticky Concrete
10. The Devil Loves Church

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