Free LSD by OFF! Album Review by Robert Duguay for Northern Transmissions One of today's best punk band's full-length is out today via Fat Possum Records


Free LSD


They sure don’t make them like Keith Morris anymore. The Black Flag co-founder who is currently the frontman for Circle Jerks and OFF! was vital to the formation of West Coast punk during the late ‘70s and while he might be indifferent to it, he’s a living legend.

He’s always had an unbridled way of delivering lyrics with radical honesty & unlimited force and with the new album from OFF! it doesn’t seem like he’s letting up anytime soon. Titled Free LSD, the group’s fourth album that came out via Fat Possum Records on September 30 is their first release in eight years. Despite the time gap since their previous output in Wasted Years, this full-length resonates a new level of energy that I didn’t think was possible.

Joined by ex-Burning Brides frontman Dimitri Coats on guitar, drummer Justin Brown, who’s collaborated with the likes of Thundercat, Flying Lotus and Herbie Hancock, and former …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead bassist Autry Fulbright II, Morris leads an electrifying arsenal of noise. This noise has structure to it while being anchored by the instruments in a cohesive way. It’s also emphatic as hell, but you shouldn’t expect anything less from a band like this. This is old school hardcore punk with a modern production without it being polished. When you have the tracks coming for the senses with a vengeance, there’s no need for any fancy tricks.

One noticeable difference between Free LSD and OFF!’s previous albums is that there are more songs running past the two minute mark. Tracks such as “Slice Of The Pie”, “Time Will Come”, “War Above Los Angeles”, “Invisible Empire” and “Ignored” are a few examples of this. There’s also 20 songs within the album which is a whole lot regardless of what kind of release this is. I usually would highlight a few tracks that stand out, but it’s kind of impossible to do with this full-length because of how it all has a tenacious quality to it. I recommend listening from beginning to end and then doing it on a repeated basis because this album is that good.

I find punk records like this to be so refreshing in this current day & age because of how much we need this kind of music. We need voices against power and genuine commentary on what’s going on in our society and world even though some people might not want to hear it. It’s also just really good friggin’ stuff that needs the volume turned all the way up. That’s what people should do when they get a copy of Free LSD. It’ll definitely take the mind on a trip.

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