obylx Releases New Single “Let Go”

obylx Releases New Single "Let Go."
obylx by Fairlight Productions

obylx is a Bristol, UK, based musician and producer. Since January 1st 2018 he has released new music on the 1st day of every month, ending 2018 with a full 21 track album, released via his own Guise Records and Interstellar Music on December 7th. Today, he has continued the trend, releasing more evocative music, with the new single “Let Go.”

obylx on “Let Go”;

“The song is about the final moments of life and quietly appreciating my surroundings in that time. Ultimately we are all running out of time with the ones we love and someday we will inevitably have to let go. With this in mind I would like to ask people how they appreciate life and send me videos of where they listen to music. I will be sharing mine on my YouTube on 1st May #wherewelisten”


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