NYC band Bueno announce ‘Assed Out’ 7″

NYC band Bueno announce 'Assed Out' 7" out July 9th on Shea Stadium Records.

Bueno lead man Luke Chiaruttini first met Mikey Gagliardi, who plays guitar and sax, on a bus ride home from Catholic school. Mikey threw his shoe at Luke’s head, and then kindly asked for Luke to give it back. It was one of the many quiet rebellions that Mikey, Luke, Joe Imburgio (bass), AJ Pantaleo (drums), and Mike DiBenedetto (guitar) would engage in throughout their adolescent years growing up and fucking up in Staten Island. Whether sneaking in underage for rock shows at the now ­defunct Martini Red, or journeying to the middle­ of ­nowhere Staten Island to play shows, the guys of Bueno know music at their home base can be an uneven struggle.

Bueno’s tracks musical influences comes from the high jinks of their Richmond County adolescence.

Bueno’s new 7″, “Assed Out,” will be released 7/9/15, via Shea Stadium Records, the label of the corresponding Brooklyn DIY space that the band has come to call home; in addition, the B-side of the 7″, “C-C-C-Convenient ” is a live track recorded at Shea. The band has also announced summer shows, including a 7/9 7″ release show at Shea Stadium. All dates are below.

Upcoming Bueno Shows:
7/9 @ Shea Stadium, Brooklyn, NY- 7″ Release Show
7/15 @ The Special w/ Brett David, New York, NY
7/25 @ Cake Shop, New York, NY

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