Numero issuing Dinosaur Jr on Rec Store Day

Numero Issuing Dinosaur Jr. 5x7" for Record Store Day. Collection of band's early singles with previously unissued artwork by Maura Jasper.

From 1985 to 1990, Maura Jasper was the go-to artist for “ear-bleeding country” trio Dinosaur Jr. From “Repulsion” to their self-titled debut LP, from You’re Living All Over Me to “Freak Scene,” from Bug to “Just Like Heaven,” and on posters, videos, and t-shirts, the Dinosaur Jr. look was born of Jasper’s love for Norwegian expressionist Edvard Munch and English anarchist Gee Vaucher. 

Collected inside are Dinosaur Jr.’s replicas of first four singles for the SST and Homestead labels, a bonus fifth 7″ pairing “Show Me The Way” with a cover of the Byrds‘ “Feel A Whole Lot Better,” a Jasper-penned essay on her creative process and friendship with J Mascis, and a book of unused work from the period.

Limited to 5000 copies. Available in finer retailers around the world on Record Store Day: April 19th 2014.

Visitors track list:

“Repulsion” b/w “Bulbs of Passion”

“Little Fury Things” b/w “In A Jar”

“Freak Scene” b/w “Keep The Glove”

“Just Like Heaven” b/w “Thrown Down” & “Chunks”

“Show Me The Way” b/w “Feel A Whole Lot Better”

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