“Nu Erotic Ghost” by Stray Echo

"Nu Erotic Ghost" by Stray Echo" is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day.

From Stray Echo: ‘”Nu Erotic Ghost” is a late night ballad written in my dark studio in Brooklyn, New York. It was a nod to David Bowie with a mix of modern hip hop, synth and soul mixed in. I felt extremely influenced by his cool, calm vocals in his most powerful ballads like Life on Mars, Oh! You Pretty Things and countless others. All the sessions for this track occurred at night giving it almost an eery, nocturnal soul feel. The song grew from a ballad to a full track, when the bass and drums were added. I had a good time finding the bass line for this track, mostly feeling it out and not sticking to a written part. The lyric ‘Nu Erotic Ghost’ is mostly describing a feeling and fits the character in the song, especially at the end with the lyric ‘I wanna be a fly on your wall, I wanna see it all.’ Sometimes, during the late night, basically pitch black recording sessions, I felt like that character could be peering over my shoulder watching the song take it’s form. I wanted to bring that character to life in the performance of the track and I think it did. Stray Echo was formed with the idea of reinvention and the bulldozing of fear to create what you want, when you want no matter the consequence’.