“(Nothing You Can Do To) End This Love” By Split Single

“(Nothing You Can Do To) End This Love” By Split Single is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
“(Nothing You Can Do To) End This Love” By Split Single

Split Single, is comprised of Jason Narducy (Bob Mould Band, Superchunk, Verbow), recently announced their new album, Amplificado, will drop on June 25, 2021 via Inside Outside Records. The full-length was Recorded at Electrical Audio in Chicago by Narducy (guitar/vocals), REM’s Mike Mills (bass), Jon Wurster (drums). The forthcoming release comes nearly five years after the release of Split Single’s 2016 album, MetalFrames.

Along with the news, Split Single hav shared “(Nothing You Can Do To) End This Love,” a message of love and support to the LGBTQ+ community. “The chords and melody for this song sounded like defiance to me,” says Narducy. “I wanted to write a lyric that matched this sonic mood. The first words that came into my head were ‘She loves her and he loves him.’ So it ended up being an unconventional love song.

Album tracks “Stone Heart World” and “95 Percent” are a one-two punch of political frustrations and inner turmoil. With its punk rock take on “Lust For Life”‘s beat, the former sounds upbeat and catchy, defying the scathing lyrical take on GOP ethos: “No answers, just a way to keep ten yachts floating on school kids lost hope”.

“95 Percent” closes with “whoa whoa whoa” gang vocals as if Superchunk went through a Springsteen phase. The sparse and vulnerable “Adrift” can barely pick up the pieces left behind from the bombast of the previous 3 tracks. It is a haunting poem of depression and isolation. The cellos and piano played by Alison Chesley mark the first time Jason and Alison have recorded together in 22 years (the last Verbow album was tracked in 1999).

Split Single
Outside Records

01. caPtAIN calamIty’S crUde pRoCessiON
02. Blood Break Ground
03. Stone Heart World
04. 95 Percent
05. Adrift
06. Bitten by the Sound
07. (Nothing You Can Do) To End This Love
08. Mangled Tusk
09. Belly of Lead
10. Worry
11. Satellite

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