NO BRA to release new album ‘Candy’ on vinyl

NO BRA to release new album 'Candy' on vinyl, the album comes out Feb 10th on NYC's Address label. The video "Date with the Devil", comes out Feb 17th.

With a predilection for polymaths and provocateurs, Address will focus on what’s happening in downtown NYC, within the realms of both music and art, their mission being to give carte blanche to artists to make what they see without limitation.

The potty-mouthed poetry of Susanne Oberbeck’s No Bra is first up. Blocky, beat-driven, messthetics-y no wave and dance, it’s fueled by the burning desire to smash kyriarchy and turn gender on its head.

Speak-singing monotone mantras topless from behind waist-length hair, there’s the bile-fueled love story of ‘Date With The Devil’, the wry observational wit of ‘Super Subway Comedian’ (Suicide cover) and the plainspoken Englishness of ‘Minger’ – “standing outside the supermarket at 6am trying to blag a fag off someone but no one will talk to you”, just to name a few.

This is John Waters-style humour, all brashness and bad taste, and it’s been visually nailed by cult filmmaker’s Bruce LaBruce’s poker-hot album cover.

Forming No Bra whilst living in East London, Oberbeck has since moved to New York, where she recorded part of the album with NYC based musicians. She runs a night in NYC called Gay Vinyl, toured the US with Savages and in December completed a residency at East London’s Vogue Fabrics.

The video to “Date with the Devil”, directed by Ursula Mann, is expected out on February 17th.

Full tracklisting for ‘Candy’

3.’Date With The Devil’
4.’Do the Dog’
5.’Super Subway Comedian’
6.’Magic Cocksucking Fairy’
7.’New Hero
8.’Construction Worker’
10.’She Was a Butcher’
11.’Don’t Rip My Ozzy Shirt’
12.’Love is the Drug’

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