Night Gestalt details new album

Night Gestalt details new album ONE Endless out January 15th via Slow Future Vault, shares song and video for T"he Death of She (Endless)".

With the forthcoming album ONE Endless out January 15th via Slow Future Vault, Swedish experimentalist Olle Cornéer (Dada Life), has transformed from EDM to IDM under his experimental alias Night Gestalt.

Featuring extended versions – each more than an hour in length – of each of the songs on the debut LP ONE (released May 2015), ONE [Endless] furthers Night Gestalt’s conceptual journey, addressing humanity’s capacity for desperation and despair in the face of an infinite void

All songs consist of an arpeggio (a broken chord) played by a simple bleep – and vocals. Nothing else. No beats. No added chords. The exception being the last song – which is even less. However, the sum of ONE [Endless] is bigger than the parts.

“I wanted to create an album that doesn’t start or end,” explains Cornéer. “It’s more like a universe you can step into. A lot of music is dynamic and takes you on a journey – I wanted to do music that only says one thing.”

Inspired in part by his love of 90’s electronica like Aphex Twin, Black Dog and contemporary classical composters such as Arvo Pärt, John Luther Adams and Steve Reich, Cornéer’s minimalist musical approach combined with maximalist timestamps is subtly shifting and elegant. By manipulating simple arpeggios, the resulting pattern of notes creates melodies, harmonies, rhythm and structure. It’s stark and it’s beautiful, like the night sky.

Night Gestalt – ONE [Endless]

1 – Falling Together as One (Endless) 1:06:37
2 – Into Space (Endless) 1:01:59
3 – One Part I (Endless) 1:01:23
4 – Overdrive Control (Endless) 1:01:44
5 – The Flesh Is Still in Control (Endless) 1:02:00
6 – One Part II (Endless) 1:00:27
7 – The Death of She (Endless) 1:00:11
8 – One Part III (The End) (Endless) 1:02:39

Total: 8:16:37