“All Night” by Crystal Fighters

Crystal Fighters are a band who learn from humanity’s most ancient traditions to make music that sounds like the future. The core trio of singer Sebastian ‘Bast’ Pringle, guitar and txalaparta player Graham Dickson and multi-instrumentalist Gilbert Vierich have spent the last three years traversing the planet, reconnecting with nature and learning to play forgotten instruments.

They return with their third album, Everything Is My Family out October 21st on Play It Again Sam / [PIAS] which embodies their ecstatic lust for life and, as Bast says, “is more dancefloor, more psychedelic, more tropical, more rave, more sunshine, more pretty much everything” than anything they have done before.

Since the release of their second album Cave Rave in 2013, Bast has spent time living in the Basque Country, The Canary Islands, and Central America – a field recording of tropical wise-men in conversation from Costa Rica opens the album – and says his time away from the overpowering buzz of modern civilization has given him a new perspective.

Meanwhile, bandmate Graham lived “up a mountain” in Maine before traveling down to Peru in a modern life-provoked quest for otherness. He says that the time they each individually spent exploring the world has helped them come to terms with some of the highs and tragic lows the band has already experienced.

Everything Is My Family is set for release on October 21st via Play It Again Sam / [PIAS]

Everything Is My Family Tracklist

1. Simplecito
2. Yellow Sun
3. Good Girls
4. In Your Arms
5. Live For You
6. Ways I Can’t Tell
7. All Night
8. The Moondog
9. Fly East
10. Living The Dream
11. Lay Low