Nico Yaryan debuts video for “Just tell me”

Nico Yaryan announces debut album 'What a Tease', out June 3rd via Partisan/Last Gang Records

Nico Yaryan has announced that his debut album, What A Tease, will be released on June 3rd, via Partisan/Last Gang Records. The album tells the uncomplicated tale of complicated transcontinental love. To go along with the news, Yaryan has also released the video for lead single “Just Tell Me”. The clip was directed by Daniel Henry (Kurt Vile, Jack White, Vanessa Carlton).

Yaryan recently told Noisey magazine, “I hit up Daniel Henry to direct this video because I’m a big fan of his work, and he came all the way out from Nashville to make it happen. We shot at the Inglewood Swapmeet with the amazingly talented Kate Arizmendi as Director of Photography, and we ended up casting a few people that were working and shopping in there. It was a lot of fun! I used to work at a sneaker shop so I had to get some white Air Force Ones in a featured role, too.”

Raised by hippies in Northern California, Yaryan took a leap of faith when his close friend from high school, Hanni El Khatib, asked him if he’d join him on the road as his touring drummer. He set off and spent two years travelling the world with El Khatib and his bandmates. This experience would bring into his world two of his greatest loves: the first was the guitar, an instrument he’d been too intimidated to learn as a teen. He eventually began writing and recording his own music, which ultimately led to him outgrowing the touring gig.
The second, was an unlikely romance with a student from Amsterdam that he met while on tour. The two remained in touch, and when he parted ways with the band, Yaryan decided to take a chance and returned to Amsterdam for a visit – that ended up lasting for a month. Once he got back to Los Angeles, he immediately embarked on a quest to find work that could help fund a return to his new found love. With mostly experience in retail, an industry that doesn’t take kindly to inconsistent schedules, Nico ended up securing a job trimming at a marijuana farm in Humboldt County, which enabled him to continue the long-distance courtship.

As their relationship began to crumble in the face of geographical and financial adversity, the songs that would become What A Tease began to blossom. Opening with the tattered allegory of Old Gloria and the lonely masochism of You Belong to Me, the record lets more than a little darkness surface: the agony of watching yourself fuck up a good thing became Just Tell Me; the shifting nature of success informed Dreamers; mistrusting the nature of his love led Nico to Witch Love.

What A Tease Track Listing:
01. Old Gloria
02. You Belong To Me
03. Just Tell Me
04. Dreamers
05. The Magic
06. Infinity
07. What A Tease
08. Nobody Tells My Baby
09. Witch Love
10. Your Love Never Lets Me Down
11. I’ll Stay With You When You Die