“New York” St. Vincent (Nina Kraviz Vocal Remix)

"New York" St. Vincent (Nina Kraviz Vocal Remix) is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'
"New York" St. Vincent (Nina Kraviz Vocal Remix)

Nina Kraviz, has collaborated with a number of diverse artists for an eclectic remix package of St. Vincent’s Grammy award winning album MASSEDUCTION. From frantic IDM and manic footwork to glistening house and meditative dubstep.

Jlin’s mutated footwork subverts Smoking Section from melancholic balladry to a jittery exuberant march, whilst Mala’s take, although similarly sinister, submerges Annie Clark’s vocals in a drowsy pool of synthetic bass and fragmented percussion. Nina Kraviz’s own Gabber Me Gently remix of Fast Slow Disco sweeps the radiant texture of the original from underneath, replacing it with a hypnotic run of high-speed kick drums, whilst her remix of New York is part minimal techno, part ghostly ASMR, but quintessentially hers.

Further disorientation comes from a number of трип affiliates; PTU offer two remixes – a woozy minimal take on Pills and a relentless spin of Fear The Future – whilst Roma Zuckerman and Buttechno provide direct-to-dancefloor cuts of Young Lover and Saviour respectively. Elsewhere, Laurel Halo makes a spiralling techno animation of the former, as UK evergreens Pearson Sound and Batu offer curiously stripped back takes on Dancing With A Ghost and Hang On Me.

Much like the tapestry of moods on MASSEDUCTION, the remixes mould varying sentiments into a sea of different atmospheres. Bjarki and Population One (aka Terrence Dixon) each work up carefully restrained tension on Pills – a stark contrast to Hieroglyphic Being and Emika’s maximal, glowing takes on Sugarboy. Warmer still are Midland’s powerful, low-slung take on the title track, Fred P’s breakbeat reshape of Happy Birthday Jonny, a heartfelt disco repurposing of Fast Slow Disco from Steffi and two joyful, melodic cuts from EOD.


1. New York (Nina Kraviz Vocal Mix)
2. Sugarboy (Emika Allegiance Mix)
3. Smoking Section (Jlin Remix)
4. Dancing With A Ghost (Pearson Sound Remix)


5. Slow Disco (EOD Remix)
6. Hang On Me (Batu Remix)
7. Young Lover (Laurel Halo Remix) 8. Smoking Section (Mala remix)


1. Hang On Me (Batu Remix)
2. Pills (Bjarki Remix)
3. Pills (Population One Remix)
4. Pills (PTU Remix)
5. Masseduction (Midland’s Mass Seduction Remix)
6. Sugarboy (Emika Allegiance Remix)
7. Sugarboy (ChicagoPhonic Sound System) Remix by Hieroglyphic Being
8. Los Ageless (EOD Remix)
9. Happy Birthday Johnny (Fred P Remix)
10. Savior (Buttechno Remix)
11. New York (Nina Kraviz Vocal Mix)
12. New York (Nina Kraviz x Lucy Dubbed Out Mix)
13. Fear The Future (PTU Remix)
14. Young Lover (Laurel Halo Remix)
15. Young Lover (Roma Zuckerman Remix)
16. Dancing With A Ghost (Pearson Sound Remix)
17. Slow Disco (EOD Remix)
18. Slow Disco (Nina Kraviz Gabber Me Gently Remix)
19. Smoking Section (Jlin Remix)
20. Smoking Section (Mala Remix)
21. Fast Slow Disco (Steffi Remix)


1 New York (Nina Kraviz Vocal Mix)
2 Masseduction (Midland’s Mass Seduction Remix) 3 Sugarboy (Emika Allegiance Mix)
4 Slow Disco (EOD Remix)


1 Fear The Future (PTU Remix)
2 Young Lover (Roma Zuckerman Remix) 3 Pills (Bjarki Remix)
4 Young Lover (Laurel Halo Remix)
5 Pills (Population One Remix)
6. Fast Slow Disco (Steffi Remix)


1 Slow Dance (Nina Kraviz Gabber Me Gently Remix) 2 Smoking Section (Mala Remix)
3 Smoking Section (Jlin Remix)
4 Dancing With A Ghost (Pearson Sound Remix)
5 Savior (Buttechno Remix)


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