New Warp Signing Darkstar Announce Single “Timeaway” (stream/download MP3)

“‘Timeaway’ feels like a good starting point to releasing music again, it’s very much us looking forward. It’s off-kilter, processed and bubbles and moves right through” Darkstar

Download “Timeaway”:

After touring their 2010 debut album North across the globe, James Buttery, James Young and Aiden Whalley decamped to a house in the countryside of West Yorkshire, secluding themselves from the distractions of London and writing as a trio for the first time.  Their upcoming Warp debut is a reflection of the time the spent together there. Says Young, “Every place warrants a story. No matter where it is, how quiet, remote or disconnected. There are moments in people’s everyday lives, no matter how subtle, that can be documented and talked about in great detail. The instances spiral and ascend and take on their own course, altering the perception of how even the slightest change in a day can be felt deeply.”

“Timeaway” is released on 12” vinyl with 10 locked-groove loops “News #1-10” on November 13, 2012 on Warp Records. Order 12″ & download at Bleep