New Music From Ahleuchatistas

On their seventh album, Ahleuchatistas’ Heads Full of Poison is a sonic brew that reveals new flavors, new spices with every aural taste. Now a duo of charter member Shane Perlowin (guitar and bass) and Ryan Oslance (drums),Heads Full of Poison was developed over a two-year period, road-tested and honed with numerous performances, including nearly 100 in Europe. It combines highly detailed composition with a looseness that encourages a range of interpretation. Throughout the album, Perlowin and Oslance perform with a rare unity of purpose, without any self-indulgence or water-treading, displaying a virtually orchestral palette.

Ahleuchatistas’ Heads Full of Poison is available now on CD/digital via Cuneiform Records and as a double LP on Harvest Recordings.