New Hands Share Single Mixed by Holy F**K

New Hands Share Single Mixed by Mixed by Graham Walsh of Holy F**K,

New Hands are ambiguous at their core. A genre-blending band, they produce late-night dance songs laced with bass, synth and video game effects, with a complex but utterly danceable sound, as heard on new single “Strange Attractor.” A hybrid of ‘80s new-wave and more modern dance/electronic with a pulsing beat and dark, seedy romance, the track was mixed by Graham Walsh of Holy Fuck and is a perfect introduction to the new band.

Being difficult to pigeonhole suits the Hamilton, Ontario and Leeds-based quintet  just fine. The name New Hands was chosen in part for its openness to interpretation and they fully embrace the difficulty with which the world tries to categorize their sound. Incorporating live rock alongside electronic elements, and with Spence Newell’s startlingly engaging low-register vocals, New Hands bypass the established genres in favor of pioneering their own.

With a debut full-length album due out in 2015, New Hands are poised to introduce the world to the beauty of being outside the pigeonhole. Watch as they embrace the ambiguity.

New Hands 2014 North American Tour Dates

Nov 13 – Baltimore House  w/Etiquette– Hamilton, ON

Nov 20 – Baltimore House w/Illitry – Hamilton, ON
Nov 27 – Baltimore House w/HIGHS– Hamilton, ON

Nov 28 – The Sanctuary w/HIGHS – Ridgeway, ON

Nov 29 – Clarkson Pub w/HIGHS – Barrie, ON


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