“My Ways” By Sycco

“My Ways” by Sycco (pron. 'psycho') is Northern Transmissions video of the Day, the track is now out via Future Classic (Flume, Buzzy Lee)
“My Ways” by Sycco

Australia-based indie pop artist, Sycco (pron. ‘psycho’), today shares her new single and video “My Ways” via Future Classic (Flume, G Flip, Buzzy Lee). A true song of the times, “My Ways” is about where your brain goes during lockdown, produced and co-written with Jeff Hazin (Anna Sofia, Ren) during a Zoom session. About the track, Sycco shares, “Jeff and I met on Zoom during lockdown in 2020 and it was my first ever Zoom session so I had no idea what to expect. Jeff and I instantly clicked and it all came together super fast. ‘My Ways’ is all about losing track of days, getting caught up in your monkey brain and wanting out of it. This song definitely encapsulates my lockdown.”

Sycco’s video for “My Ways” takes you to that glitchy, claustrophobic, overly-observant quarantine brain she speaks about, “Want a break from my brain, insane –” without leaving out the neon lights and fluffy clouds she dreams of during optimistic points, “oasis, been dreaming of just fading.” The chorus brings an elated feeling of hope that we’ve all been craving as we look at our millionth Zoom call/collaboration with warbly guitar chords and juicy synths to bite into.

My Ways by Sycco is out now via Future Classic, buy/stream it HERE.