Mute to release ‘Cyclopean’ Feb 12th

Mute to release Cyclopean EP

Cyclopean is the collaboration from Burnt Friedman, Jono Podmore and Can founding members Jaki Liebezeit, and Irmin Schmidt. This new collective will released their 4 track EP next Tuesday, February 12th via download and on March 12th you can grab your own copy of the 12″.

Can’s legacy has never felt more apparent than now, and Cyclopean brings together two giants from this legendary band, Jaki Liebezeit and Irmin Schmidt, alongside long time collaborators Jono Podmore (Kumo / Metamono) and musician and producer Burnt Friedman.

The release of the Can album The Lost Tapes this year has brought a wealth of new recognition and plaudits to the legendary band, and as befits members of a band who constantly challenge, innovate and inspire, an entirely new project was born when Friedman, Liebezeit, Podmore and Schmidt got together at Studio Les Rossignols, France, in May 2011.

Cyclopean EP Tracklisting





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