Moving Units Share Two New Songs


Metropolis Records has given listeners yet another taste from the upcoming full-length from Moving Units. Hitting stores on September 10, 2013, Neurotic Exotic marks founder Blake Miller’s return after exploring the world as a DJ and collaborating with a myriad of artists. This time Moving Units are giving you a double dose by streaming the lead track, “Attack Everything,” and dropping the download of “Bright Nights”. The two tracks compliment each other showcasing the versatility found on the upcoming ten-track LP.

Blake Miller explains about the tracks…

“‘Bright Nights’ is about feeling the excitement of being in a band that is breaking and sharing the adventure with friends and doomed lovers. I channeled memories of zig-zagging like a lightning bolt between seedy bars and after parties in Manhattan and Brooklyn only weeks after the 9/11 attack. There was a sense of urgency in the air spiked with mixed feelings of dread and euphoria. We found comfort in the darkness of night but the energy we shared was intense and inspiring. Ultimately, our hangover angst was soothed by the sunrise that illuminated our gloriously inebriated journey back home.”

“The title, “Attack Everything,” sums up the inspiration behind this tune. It’s about being young and indestructible. Everything is possible. Everyone is provocative. Everywhere you go is the coolest spot you could possibly be. Chemicals are shared. Glass breaks. Conversations erupt and implode. It all comes and goes. Love is the only impulse we never stop chasing. “Love, love, love it’s the drug we’re thinking of – Attack Everything!”.

Track Listing:

01 Attack Everything

02 Bridges To Nowhere

03 Bright Nights

04 Girl Like U

05 Everybody Loves A Star

06 Modulator

07 Kate Moss in ’97

08 I Wanna Go Dancing

09 The World Is Ours

10 Dark Side of the Room

Tour Dates:

Sep-11San Francisco CA, DNA Lounge

Sep-12Portland OR, Star Theater

Sep-14Seattle WA, El Corazon

Sep-16Salt Lake City UT,Urban Lounge

Sep-17Denver CO, Marquis Theater

Sep-20Phoenix AZ, Pub Rock

Sep-21Pomona CA, The Glasshouse

Sep-22LA CA, The Echo

Sep-23San Diego CA, Soda Bar

Sep-27Tijuana MX, TBA

Sep-28Las Vegas NV, Artifice

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